Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm all growed up!

This is my HUGE news! To those of you that regularly read my blog, this isn't that HUGE to you, but to those of you that read every so often, here's the news:

I'm VERY close to being a 1st time home owner! I have signed about a zillion loan and contract papers, given earnest money and already started decorating my place in my mind!

I've found a condo conversion (they used to be apartments) in Overland Park (very close to downtown OP) and my scheduled closing date is the sometime during Memorial Day weekend! If I can have possession of my condo on that weekend, that would be fabulous! I'll be in Chicago the weekend before, finishing school the week after and going to the lake the weekend after that. I'm trying to make the end of my school year as hectic as possible!

So ... here's a little tour of the model condo so you can get a feel for what my place will look like!

Here is what the entrance to my condo looks like. You will enter through these tall privacy fences and my condo is the 2 stories you see here behind the fence.

This is what my patio will look like once you get in the fence. It'll be GREAT for Miss Minners and I'll have plenty of room to get some tomatoes and flowers going for this summer.

This is the view of the kitchen right as you walk in the front door.

Half-bath on the first floor. You can see Dad walking down the stairs in the mirror. The basement is for the laundry room and storage.

View of living room and dining room (they are connected).

Looking into kitchen and front hall from living room.

Second bedroom upstairs.

Full bathroom upstairs.

Master bedroom!

Second closet in Master bedroom (this was a major selling point for me)!

So ... there it is. Sorry if my GIGANTIC news wasn't so shocking to some of my readers. This is very exciting to me, and I can't wait to get in there and get settled. Everyone will have to come visit this summer!

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Heather rules said...

That is SO exciting. First time homeowner is HUGE news. Very, very cute place. Love it.

distaff said...

You're going to make yours even cuter than the one you've pictured. Nesting is sooooo much fun!

Bets said...

Going to pick out carpet, wall and counter-top colors today! Yippee!

Steve0 said...

OH MY BETS! CONGRATS! Man I am waaay behind on your blog.