Thursday, January 10, 2008

I win!

So I JUST got home from work. Spent too much time procrastinating and complaining about finishing my report cards ... so I ended up having to stay until 6:15 tonight to wrap them up.

I checked Jill's blog and now I feel awful about the state of my messy classroom. I don't know how I can get on my kids' case for their messy desks when mine looks like it does. I guess I should tell them, "Do as I say, not as I do!"

These pictures are from last year, but my desk looks pretty much like this ... probably worse. Just ask people at school. I think I definitely win for the messiest desk out there!

So for comparison ... here is Jill's desk: Fancy-schmancy-high-school-teacher desk!

And my 22-kids-are-driving-me-crazy, I-feel-like-I've-got-no-time-to-grade, why-can't-I-get-organized desk:

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chitknit said...

Is that a pillow under there? I need one of those.

My photo is a tad deceiving - the DESK is clean, but my filing cabinets are still in disarray. However, I will say, I do feel a little better each night when I go home, knowing that I won't feel overwhelmed the SECOND I walk into my room the next morning.

Bets said...

Ha! I think that is my KU t-shirt pillow. Just call me George Castanza. All I need is a tiny shelf with an alarm clock under there, too!

Anonymous said...

Jill obviously has other problems. I can't believe that anyone who can (will) knit socks really has such an antiseptic desk.

I think this is a "stunt double".

Jack Steadman, who was the president of the Chiefs before Carl Peterson, had two offices ... the one you would see on television and where he greeted important people, and the office where he really worked.

A clean desk is the sign of a ... gee, what is that word? I had it right here just a minute ago ... let me find it and I'll get back to you.