Friday, November 7, 2008

Are you smarter than my 4th graders?

Apparently not.



Now that McCain and Palin don't have the media wrapped around their little fingers (I was actually saddened when I saw McCain sans security guards and driving himself home yesterday), the media is allowed to share all the gossip nuggets about their campaign that were "off the record" until Tuesday.

I love the phrase "off the record". Having a Dad who has been involved in politics for a L O N G time ... I've heard him say things are "off the record" on many a phone call.

I haven't had a chance to watch all of this video because the internet here keeps going in and out, but the headlines today stating that Palin thought that Africa is a country were SHOCKING to me! My fourth graders know that Africa is a continent. Again ... this goes back to my rant about Palin wanting to tell the nation that she was "just like us". First of all ... most of us that are adults know that Africa is more than a country and second of all ... I don't what someone who is just like me to be one of the most powerful leaders of the world. The President and Vice President should be so smart that I have NO clue what they are talking about. I like to think I'm smart ... but I know I'm not nearly smart enough to be on the Presidential ticket!

Don't worry ... I'm done ranting for now. Just waiting for something else to get me riled up. I bet you all can't wait!

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distaff said...

How snarky of you! I have a feeling that a lot of these gossipy comments about Palin are really untrue. But the amazing thing is that, given past performance, they seem very credible. How is she supposed to prove the negative now? What can she do at this point to prove that she's actually smarter than she's appeared to be for the last three months?

Jennie Day-Burget said...

She's screwed. And it sounds like she dug her own hole.

As far as "off the record" goes, i find that concept very interesting. in all the training i've had for media relations (and i've had a lot in the last year) we've always been told that nothing is ever truly off record... and i guess that's obvious now.

Mitzi said...

I would like to know exactly which fourth graders know Africa is not a country...because I'm pretty sure most of my class thinks otherwise.

Bets said...

Mitzi ... it sounds like your kids are suffering from not having yours truly teaching them social studies. Maybe you should do some review worksheets on the continents & oceans. :)

RachelC said...

Do you guys do the Geography Bee? It is truly revealing because there is a section of questions where kids need to answer with continents only.

As for Palin, this sounds all very petty. Can we put these allegations in context? It just makes the Republican party sound like they're looking for a scapegoat.