Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have a disease ...

... Mitzi tells me it's called Fallalotitis!

Apparently I've turned into Tipsy Tumbles in my old age of 27 years. Last year I made the biggest possible fall in front of my whole class. I thought I rolled my ankle over a crayon, but in reality I probably just fell over my own feet.

A few weeks ago, I fell off a stool for no good reason at our grade level meeting. I was sitting on minute and the next, I was on the ground clutching onto the legs of the stool.

And this week I had my next big fall. I was in the kitchen here where I am babysitting and there is a tiny step down. I must have mis-gauged the distance of the step to where I was standing because the next thing I knew ... I was on the hard tile floor on my knees and palms. I was fine at the time, but the next morning, I realized that I had twisted my knee pretty bad.

I'm so sad that I have lost all balance and sense of distance. What happened to me?? Maybe I need to spend more time on Adam & Jill's Wii Fit! Yes, I think that sounds like a plan!

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Beth said...

Better to have Fallotosis than Halotosis!!!

Mitzi said...

I think all people with Fallalotitis should definitely have cords that run across their floor between their desk and teaching area!