Monday, November 24, 2008

Minnie's long-lost family?

Over the weekend, Molly & I went shopping. While she was trying on clothes, I was waiting patiently and watching the TV that was on. Lucky for me, the Agility Dog Competition was showing on ESPN.

I LOVE watching this! I liked watching before I even had Minnie, but when I first got her and I realized she was so smart ... I thought for a split-second that I would try and do some agility training with her. That dream has since come and gone, but it is still fun.

Anyhoo ... when I was watching the obstacle course, a cute Pyrenees Shepherd won. I don't remember the pup's name, but I do remember that he looked so much like a long-haired schnoodle! I came home to look these dogs up and I found some great pics to compare to pictures of Minnie.

Can you tell which pictures are Minnie and which are the Pyrenees?

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... said...

They all need haircuts.
Are Pyrenees Shepherds expensive?
There's competitive couch jumping?
Minnie is plenty smart ...
She's got you fooled.

Have a great holiday!

distaff said...

Yes, I can tell ....