Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fall Picture Post

Over the weekend, Erik's Mom, Ann, asked me to take some pictures of her garden and planters so she would know where everything goes next Spring when she's planting again. Since the weather was so nice, this was a fun project for me! I loved walking around her yard and taking pics, because even though some of the plants were dead, everything looked so pretty!

Here are some for you to enjoy. Didn't they turn out great? I especially love the close-up of the bumble bee. You can see the dew drops on his wings and back.

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Beth said...

I especially loved the lettuce roses and bee macros! Beautiful. These pictures make me miss fall!

distaff said...

Great pics, Bets. Did you get the pictures Ann wanted, or the ones YOU wanted?

Bets said...

Yes, I got the pics Ann wanted ... these were just my favorites that I took for myself! Glad you and Beth like them !