Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I'm babysitting this week (and have pre-written a lot of these posts), so I'm hoping I get to watch the election coverage tonight. I'm almost positive that the kid won't be interested in watching any of it, so I'll have to keep him busy with other things.

My "Smart Women Vote" t-shirt ... vintage from 2004. I'm wearing it today.

My cousin Katherine said that she's throwing a Results Party at her neighborhood bar for all her friends. She didn't couldn't do advance voting in New York City, so I'm interested to see what the lines where like there. I'm wondering what they'll be like here in OP. Very glad that I went early, because I know with my busy week there is no way I could have gone today.

I hope everyone is crossing their fingers like I am ... and if you are reading this early and you haven't gone out yet ... RUN! STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER! Get your hiney over to the voting booths!

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The Huffman's said...

They are saying people are going to have to wait over 3 hours in line here...Even though I work at a State Funded College, We have to work. SO don't worry I will be going after work!!!! This shall be an interesting evening!

distaff said...

Yes, Smart Women vote early! It's just a crying shame that in only 32 states is that an option. It obviously increased voter turnout, which scares some people. Go figure.