Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What to wear? What to wear?

This weekend, I have wedding #74 for the year! Actually, it hasn't been that many, but I have lost count at this point.

Jenny & Rob are getting married on Saturday! Yippee!

What I don't know, is what the hell I should wear. Yes, I have a trillion bridesmaid dresses to wear, but none of them are great for cold weather. When it gets cold out, all I really want to wear are jeans & a KU hoodie. I promise I won't show up in that, but I do need to find some time to go out shopping between now and Saturday afternoon! Yikes!

Suggestions for winter wedding attire? Anyone seen anything cute lately?

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Heather rules said...

No suggestions for wedding attire, but I've tagged you and I think Jill has as well. Get on it sister!

distaff said...

I think you have a party dress that's never been worn in that closet of yours. Get a new pashmina to go with it.

Anonymous said...

I could use a suggestion or two as well, Betsy. My winter wedding is in three weeks and since it is already 22 wind chill in Ohio, I am thinking jeans and a hoodie sound great! :)
J :)