Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A bit more of election night

I just finished babysitting Monday night. It was a L O N G nine days away from my own home and from Minnie!

These are some pics I took on Election night. I pretty much was camped out at this kitchen table the entire week. I had to get my internet/blog fix and got a chance to watch a few of my shows.

Anyhoo ... this was me last Tuesday. My laptop on the left to get all the updated election scoop; work laptop on the right putting my kids' grades in the computer.

This was my "score keeping" sheet I filled out for "the kid" for his homework. Yes, I had to help him do his homework ... because he was off at swim practice for 2+ hours. The blue & red lines are his work after he did his coloring for the assignment. By the next morning, the "blue" states had run onto the back! Yippee!

Glad to be home where I can relax on my own couch & sit at my laptop in front of the TV & not have to complete 7th grade homework for someone else! :)

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distaff said...

I thought he had to color in the US map. Just a list is pretty lame.

Bets said...

He did have to color the states ... this was his "check off" sheet so he could keep track of which states he had already filled in!