Friday, November 21, 2008

How do you handle ...

... THIS Parent/Teacher conference?

It's official, Malia & Sasha Obama are going to attend Sidwell Friends School. I'm sure the girls are great, and I know that the teachers are used to teaching children of well-known parents ... however ... I still think it would be hard to teach the children of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

I wonder what kind of gifts might come near the holidays? I wonder what would happen if you had to send home a e-mail about bad behavior (maybe thinking about that since I had to do that 2x this week)? I wonder if you would get Mom & Dad's cell phone numbers for emergencies?

Maybe I should move to DC so I can get a job at Sidwell and then find some answers to some of my questions!

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... said...

You can't move east!
What about the delivery of your new dishwasher next Friday? Minnie would have a hard time adjusting to the new time zone. You'd have to get up an hour earlier to get to school. And finally, with the tremendous number of Sidwell student from the families of the diplomatic corps, the e-mails about how Abdul and Pachma are acting up in class would be written in 17 different languages. Please stay here!