Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama! He's Baracking my world!

To steal a quote from Grace Adler on "Will & Grace" ... she seemed to say it best!

I'm almost speechless. After all my politics chatter ... I just down at my laptop about 10 minutes ago, and thought ... "Hmmmm ... what can I write?"

I almost missed it. I was sitting here at the kitchen table. Trying to get my laptop to hook up tot he internet. I muted the TV for about 2 minutes to help "the kid" finish his homework (coloring the states according to how the electoral votes went). When he left the room, I turned the sound back on and saw it ... "Barack Obama - 44th President of the United States!" Tears immediately starting running down my face. And here they go again ... seeing the whole family walk out to speak in Grant Park. I hope that Emilie has made her way down there. (Em, make sure to fill me on on all the details!)

What an amazing night in history. Whichever way the votes fell ... history was going to be made. I can't wait to read about this in the social studies & history books in the near future!

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Beth said...

It is SUPER exciting, even abroad!!! There were tons of watch parties here, and we had our Obama 08 shirts on ready to go! Wow, we feel so proud to be part of the voting block that proves that Americans want Change and that the color of skin will not prevent someone from being elected President. I get goosebumps just thinking about it!! It really happened!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard of Maureen Dowd? I think she might interest you. She's another smart woman who votes. This is her column from the NY Times today:

Sorry we missed each other at Metcalf South last week, but at least we're not having to commiserate about the outcome of the election.

Bets said...

Beth ... So happy that things were exciting even from abroad! Wish you were here to celebrate with me.

Anon ...
Yes, I've heard of her. Seen her on TV mostly. I'll have to go read the article. Thanks for passing it along.