Monday, November 17, 2008

If only Minnie would bring the toys back ...

... I'd let her get this toy for Christmas.



Even after many, many trips to the dog park she hadn't learned. She would go to fetch a tennis ball, but once she found it, she would either leave it there, or run with the ball, but not back to you so you could throw it again.

Jenny, if you are reading this, I KNOW that Peanut would LOVE this! Don't you have a place for this at Rob's house?

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chitknit said...

Consider yourself tagged.

Jennie Day-Burget said...

OMG! THis is either the laziest or the most perfect dog toy ever!

Jesslee said...

First let me just say hi, my name is Jessica and I just moved to KC from KY a few months ago. I found your blog after searching through many KC blogs for people who have similiar interests as myself. I love crafting, baking, photography, and I'm also a teacher (H.S.), but haven't gotten a MO or KS certification yet(still waiting). So, I just wanted to say hi, and I hope you don't mind me reading -love it. And this post today is absolutely hi-lar-ious!! I have 2 labs and the girl is a ball-freak, she wants you to constantly throw her ball. This makes me wonder- is this a real product, I've never seen anything like it and if it isn't marketed -does this person realize how much $$$ he could make off this thing, I know I'd be in line to get one.

distaff said...

I don't think this is a real product -- but if you have some of those robotics students in your world, showed them this, I bet they could come up with a similar contraption.