Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

These are the reasons why:

REASON #1: Christmas came early for Miss Minnie. Friday night we went over to Adam & Jill's for a lazy evening of knitting & watching Christmas Vacation. Minnie's Aunt Jill & Uncle Adam couldn't wait any longer to give her the present they bought for her.

Here she is enjoying their vintage tinsel tree! Isn't it beautiful?!? I have a tiny one that is definitely NOT vintage, but I'd love one like this!

And here is her present. Minnie clearly needs help to start losing some of her winter weight. This was the large t-shirt, but it's pretty tight. How did my baby get to be such a chunk? She only gets 1.5 cups of food a day and rarely gets treats. I guess we need to make more of an effort to get out for our walks ... snow or shine!

REASON #2: I realized how lucky I am to have a carport this weekend. We've had pretty much constant snow since last night. It isn't much snow, but it's enough to stick to the ground and freeze up on windshields. See how clean my car was this morning when I went out?

My car could have been covered like this one. I'm a lucky duck. This means that I might be able to save myself some time in the morning when I leave for week days.

REASON #3: I brought all my Christmas decorations to my place from my parents' house. I started setting up last night in the middle of the night when I couldn't sleep, but finished tonight.

Next year, I think I'll have to get a bigger tree, because even though I really like my little tiny trees, I have a bunch of pretty larger ornaments that don't fit on the little babies. That will be my shopping challenge after Christmas. I'm hoping to find some good deals that I can store away until next year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekends as much as I did. Here's to 3 more quick weeks until my next holiday break ... and ... THE BABY! :)

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Anonymous said...

Your decor is positively Marthaesque.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! You did a great job, Bets! :) J :)

Bets said...

Thanks Anon & Jules!

When do I get to see YOUR holiday decor?

Jennie Day-Burget said...

You've got such cute holiday stuff -- i need to get new stuff -- mine is so grandma compared to yours -- I'm jealous! And I'm jealous of the snow ... i miss snow so bad.