Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Why can't the mailbox be on the couch?

Going to the mailbox is one of my favorite things!
(Uh oh ... I think I'm just like my Dad!)

As soon as I say "mailbox", Minnie gets excited and we head out there to go check to see what sort of fun magazines (US Weekly, Martha Stewart, Glamour) came, what sorts of fun coupons (NY & Co, Kohls, Ulta, Old Navy, Val-u-Pak) came and what sorts of real mail (lately it's all wedding save the dates, showers and invites) came.

But tonight, after being at school from 7am until 8pm the last two nights ... I was too tired to make the trek out there. Couldn't the mailman just come inside and drop it off on the coffee table for me? Minnie might not enjoy the walk to pick it up as much, but on nights like tonight, I would already have it!

Look for a HUGE, EXCITING post coming up in the next few days. The posting date will be determined by the first night that I don't fall asleep on the couch until 10:30! :)

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chitknit said...


Bets said...

What are you trying to say, Jilly? Is this one of those posts that no one really cares about reading? This is what happens when I'm basically blogging in my sleep!

distaff said...

You must know something we don't know. Hope your conferences have gone well. We're watching ....

Heather rules said...

I'm SO ready for your huge, exciting news!!!