Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 in a row ???

Wish us luck. We are all off to Trivia for tonight. We didn't play last week, so we've had a week to rest up and brush up on our useless Trivia knowledge!

We've got a big group tonight ... probably 8 of us. We all wanted to get "out", but now we wish that going out didn't mean going out in the middle of a rain storm!

If I'm not too pooped when I get back tonight, I'll be sure and update with our results!

Goooooooooooooooo, Team! :)

*** ** * UPDATE * ** ***
Yes, I should most definitely be in bed by now. I got home from trivia around midnight and still had a few things to finish up before I could actually get to bed. We lost at Trivia tonight, but not by much. There were lots of really hard questions! We've decided that if we were to ever win the All-Metro championship, we are spending half of our $1000 prize on an iPhone!

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1 comment:

distaff said...

So you think the iphone would make a difference when you call your dumb parents for answers? David Paterson is the answer you needed.