Friday, April 25, 2008

Bad Move, SJP

For those of you that are Sex and the City fans (yes, Julie, I'm talking to YOU!) you know that the SATC Movie is coming out on May 30th. It was a difficult process to get all four ladies to agree to do the movie because there has been a major rift between them since the HBO series ended.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the producers, so she has a major say in the show and movie. Because of that, she also gets a MUCH bigger paycheck than the other ladies, and she wrote into her contract that she would get to keep the set wardrobes for all the characters. I think I also read that she gets a bigger cut of the royalties from the DVD sales and from the show now being on TBS. I don't really think is fair.

Then, I saw this movie poster:
This poster is completely biased and if I were Kim, Kristin or Cynthia I would be pissed! Why doesn't the poster have a picture of all 4 girls. The show was really about all 4 of them, not just Carrie. Without the other 3, there wouldn't have been a show!

Even though I think this is shady, I'm sure I'll go see the movie when it comes out. Who wants to go with me??

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