Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's have a tea party!

I am so very lucky that I teach in a school where our parents are willing to do just about anything they can to help us and they show how much they appreciate all that we do for their children!

For those of you that have a lunch break where you can go out to eat, or often have lunch paid for by your company ... you are lucky! We have about a 20 minute lunch break every day. We all cram in our tiny teacher's lounge and take turns warming up our lunches with the 2 microwaves we have. Once a month, our PTO brings in lunch for us. This is a real treat! Some of my favorite lunches they've brought have been the soup bar and just last month we had taco day!

During conference week and Teacher Appreciation Week, our parents plan lots of goodies for us! We've had a masseuse come in the past for 10 minute neck massages (they are heavenly during those long weeks), snacks and water bottles delivered to our rooms, catered dinner on the nights we have conferences, etc.

This week was one of the greatest!

  • On Monday night, there were lots of soups and breads out for us. I had a chance to pop into the lounge during a tiny break and have some yummy tortilla soup.
  • Tuesday we had a wonderful dinner of chicken sandwiches, and the best cornbread salad I've ever had!
  • Wednesday, the lounge was stocked with breakfast and snacky foods. We also had left-overs from the night before, so I had more of the yummy cornbread salad.
  • Today was a real treat. One of my kindergarten friends popped down in my room and said that the tea party was ready. I hadn't even noticed that some of our mothers were working away in the library making everything beautiful! They had decorated each table, made flower centerpieces in tea pots of all sizes and colors and had hot tea and juices at each table to enjoy with our lovely pastries, scones, mini quiches and sweet breads.
I know not all schools are like this, so I never want to take it for granted. We all appreciate everything the parents do for us, and we can't thank them enough!

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Heather rules said...

Man you guys are spoiled. My mom and I help make food for the teachers at my sons school during conferences. We make lasagna and salad. I know they appreciate it, but man I'd love to give them what you have. That would be great. We often do not show them how much they mean to us and our children. I'm glad we can do something. At the end of every school year I give Gage's teacher a card saying how much I appreciate them and I am grateful for them helping to mold our children. You guys often have a thankless job.

Bets said...

Yummy! Lasagna! That sounds wonderful. I just went through my file of "love notes" from parents and kids that I've collected over the last 4 years. It is the only file I care about in the whole room! :)

distaff said...

Teachers deserve far more than they get. You're right to be grateful for the positive attention from your parents. I know it doesn't happen at every school, and that tells me that long ago an expectation for parent gratitude was created that has continued through the years. There was certainly nothing like this when I was teaching, and I certainly never thanked anyone who taught you enough for what they did. Ouch -- what a guilt trip!