Thursday, April 24, 2008

Changes need to be made!

Today was "Take Your Child To Work" Day, a.k.a. "How Can I Let My Kid Skip School And Get Away With It" Day.

Someone tell me again why they don't schedule this during summer? When kids are out of school? When kids have nothing to do? When parents might be able to really spend time with their child showing them the ins and outs of their job?

I had 8 kids gone today. It is VERY difficult to teach any new lessons when you are missing a third of your class. I think we may have even figured out that some kids spent the day at home learning how to be a stay at home Mom or Dad. Hmmmmm ... interesting. Maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself!

Anyone else feel the same about today?

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distaff said...

Once upon a time I was asked to tell a group of kids who were taking the day off from school to learn about jobs all about volunteerism as a career! they seemed marginally interested. But I was flattered to be asked. These days I would have mroe to share. But I agree with you -- this should happen in the summer.

Megan Knop said...

Now Betsy, try and remember when you were that age and it would have been the coolest if you got to do that. Just be glad that you had 8 less kids to deal with for one day!

Anonymous said...

You know I agree, sister--AND HOW! I love that kids want to know about careers, but do IT IN THE SUMMER!--mitz

Bets said...

Now Megan, you must not teach school! :) It was nice to have 8 less kids ... and if I always had that many kids we would be the most productive year ever! However, it always seems like the kids that can't afford to really miss out on instruction or the social aspects of being at school are the ones that are gone for things like this.