Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Who's the Boss?

That's right! We are!

Tonight was another VERY successful night at Xtreme Team Trivia! Our team, "Hold me closer, Tony Danza" won again! We were behind by up to 50 points in the beginning, but with a couple rounds that included bonus points, we managed to go into the final round 100 points ahead of the second place team!

Here's a pic of our winnings ... which we can definitely use as a group of super poor teachers!

We got really lucky tonight. We had a great group and some good questions that we knew and noone else did! Adam & Jill, Mitzi, Amy and her friend Rachel (and my new, future neighbor), Brenda & Mike and their friend Michelle and me! Clearly 9 heads is better than our usual 5.

One of our questions actually was, "Name this TV show." and they played the theme song to Who's the Boss? Another question asked "What year did this TV show premier?" and it was the World Series of Pop Culture which Rachel was a 2nd place finalist for last summer! Rachel delivered the sad news that because VH1 fans are apparently REALLY enjoying crap like "Flavor of Love 8" and "Rock of Love" there will be no more "World Series of Pop Culture". How sad! We have also become quite the regulars, and the DJ knows us well, which is nice!

Okay ... I've been up way too late just about every night this week. I really should hit the sack ! G-nite!

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Heather rules said...

I'm guilty. I heart "Rock of Love" But I really heart "World Series of Pop Culture." I so wanted to try out for that show!! That stinks! I'm sad!

Anonymous said...

If I said you all need to get a life, would I be blocked from your blog?

Bets said...

Heather: I've been known to watch an episode or two of Rock of Love, so don't feel so bad.

Anonymous: Yes, you are now officially blocked from my blog! :)