Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bodies Revealed

We went to Union Station today to see the Bodies Revealed Exhibit. Despite all the controversy, I think it was very educational and was very interesting. My favorite part was seeing all the nervous systems. I also thought seeing the organs effected by cancer were fascinating. Behind the lungs damaged from smoking was a sign that said, "Every pack of cigarettes you smoke makes you live three hours and forty minutes less. We want you around longer, stop smoking." Next to that was a large plexiglass case that asked you to get rid of your cigarettes and stop smoking today! It was nice to see lots of cigarettes in there, but I also don't know how often they've emptied the case, if ever. It wasn't very full for being open since the middle of February.

Here's a local report talking about the controversy of the exhibit:



I found some interesting Questions & Answers about the exhibit on the Union Station website, too.

That's it for today. Must get to bed so I can actually get up in the morning for work! Have a good week, everyone!

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