Thursday, April 17, 2008

She tells me I have a problem

I have a problem with large purses. And now I have a problem with shoulder, neck and back pain. Every morning as I slug my purse into my classroom, Mitzi tells me that I have GOT to get a smaller, lighter purse and that my "suitcase" is the reason that I'm in so much pain. Yes, she's probably right, but once you have a LARGE purse, it's hard to down-size.

Last weekend, Mitzi said to me, "I often wonder what you actually have in your purse."

So ... here it is! My own version of the Flickr groups "In My Purse" and "What's in Your Wallet".

From top to bottom, left to right:

Top Row: D&G glasses case - I LOVE these glasses!; Canon SD630 digital camera case - Takes all my pics for the blog.; Wallet - currently holds $2 and some change, a whole bunch of receipts and stamps.

Second Row: Cheap-O sunglasses; Palm - Mostly just for the calendar that I sometimes use and my addresses; Keychain - Discount cards for 2 pets stores, 2 drug stores, 2 grocery stores, 2 office supply stores, 2 clothes stores, 1 toy store, and 1 card store. Car key for me and 3 house keys for 3 houses that aren't mine.; Silver cosmetics bag - Holds my NEW CONTACT stuff. I have to carry it around with me because I can't wear them all day yet.

Third Row: My business card holder - One of my favorite Etsy purchases!; Accordian file - Keeps all my gift cards and coupons.; Zipper pouch - Holds discount cards, punch cards and other stuff I'm not sure.

Bottom Row: Lipstick & Chapstick; Flash Drive - Got to save my Master's Project last April, still carrying it around for some reason.; Mirror; Pencil.

This is the inside of my purse, actually looking organized. Nine times out of ten I can't find anything in there .... are you shocked?

This picture is to show you just how large my bag is. Maybe this summer I'll down-size ... if only for my own health! :)

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Heather rules said...

I totally hear you. It's very hard to downsize.

Beth said...

I can just hear the conversation now! Aww, I miss you and Mitzles!

Here's my suggestion for your experiment: Anything you have TWO of, try removing it from your purse. From what I've read, this means you can downsize: 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 discount keychain for a pet store, druge store, grocery store, office supply store, clothes story, 3 house keys, 2 "cards" holders (gift cards, coupons, discount cards, punch cards), lipstick and/or chapstick, mirror, pencil.

And that might cut down some! Try leaving those items in your car in a different container (could still be a cute purse if you're so inclined, just leave it in the trunk) for two weeks. If you really miss anything terribly, add it back in, but only if you subtract something else. :)

This was a fun post!!

... said...

Bless and Release.
To Repeat ...

distaff said...

It's not like you don't have a lot of other purses to choose from .... personally, I cannot abide digging in the bottom of a bottomless purse. I don't know how you stand it.

Bets said...

I don't know how I stand it, either! I need to get rid of this monstrosity.
Beth: Thanks for all the tips. I think I like the one about putting it in my trunk for safe keeping and if I haven't missed it in 2 weeks, I don't really need it with me daily!