Sunday, April 27, 2008

Goal Setting

I think it is important to set goals, and this is something that I teach my kids to do all the time. If I insist that they set goals, why don't I do it, too?

It's been a while since I devoted any real time and energy to my Etsy page. I've decided to set my own goals since I am getting close to being an Etsy seller for a whole year. I joined last June, and I know I've made some progress, but I'd like to do more for my own business. By the time I reach my year anniversary as an Etsy seller, I'd like to do the following things.

  • I would like to "earn" 100 hearts. For those of you that aren't Etsians, hearts are the way for sellers to show that they like each other. I currently have 66 hearts.
  • I would like to have 40 sales. As of today, I have made 28 sales, which is nothing to scoff at for a person that is doing this in her spare time.
  • I would like to be featured in more Treasuries. So far I've been featured in 2, but no sales came from them.
  • I would like to do what I can to promote both my store AND Etsy in general. I think the general public doesn't know about Etsy, so it makes it hard for us to pass the word around. Since I started the blog, I've done several Etsy Deals of the Week (my items) and my Etsy Favorites of the Week (other sellers) and that has been fun. Jill and I have done business card swaps all over the country and we've hung up Etsy fliers around town. I've also featured promotions like buy one pair of earrings, have a mystery pair made for you for FREE! During October, I promised to donate $1 from each sale to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. What other promotions would you all be interested in?
So those are my goals. I've got a little over one month to work on meeting them. Some of these are lofty goals, but now's the right time to get serious about it!

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distaff said...

Goals are always good. Keep the long-term in mind, not just the immediate. We're all about immediate gratification, and it hardly ever comes that way.