Friday, April 18, 2008

"Call when you get there to let us know you are safe."

For those of you that are "The Office" watchers, I hope you enjoyed last night's episode!

I laughed out loud a LOT, cried a tiny bit and talked about it all day today at work.

I love that a big group of us at school watch "The Office" because it makes for a really fun Friday lunch when we all talk about it. Last night's episode really hit home with us because our school is going through MASSIVE construction, just like the building where Dunder Mifflin lives.

We've lost about 9 of our front row parking spots to re bar, cement piles and wires. Then, every morning when I pull into the parking lot (at least 15 minutes before our contract says we have to be there) it is almost full, due to the 5-7 construction workers' trucks. I understand that they have a job to do, but I've been working there longer, and don't really want to park on the neighborhood streets and run into the building to get to my classroom on time. So far, I've always gotten a spot, and yesterday I got the last one, because I have a small car and nobody else could fit in it.

I loved when Andy whined last night about leaving his cellphone in his car and Phyllis commiserated by telling him to call when he got to his car a mile away so they knew he was safe. Kevin stopped half-way in so he could sit on the curb and massage his feet! Too funny!

There are many other exciting things about last night's episode, but I don't want to give away any spoilers for those of you that haven't watched it yet. Be sure to let me know when you do watch it (Hint, hint Mitzi and Beth!)

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