Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where in the World is ... Matt Lauer!?!?

I finally got a clue right.

Every spring, Matt (yes, we're on a first name basis) goes on a wonderful, week-long trip all around the world. He gives clues the day before he gets to his next destination so you can try and guess. I love watching the first 10 minutes of The Today Show on a normal day, but during this week, it is the most exciting. I gasp out-loud when they pan back to show the beautiful place Matt has landed each morning!

This week he started in Buenos Aires and danced the tango in the first 5 minutes he was there. Tuesday, he ended up in the gorgeous tulip fields in Amsterdam. Today was the first clue I've ever gotten! Here it is: What country is an anagram of a synonym of a homophone of an even prime number.

I think even my kids could maybe get this one. The only even prime number is T-W-O. A homophone of T-W-O is T-O-O. A synonym for T-O-O is A-L-S-O. When you mix up the letters A-L-S-O, you find an anagram of L-A-O-S.

I'm already back to being stupid for tomorrow's clue. I have no idea what it is. I think I'll go google around a bit to see what others think is his Day 4 destination!

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Heather rules said...

This too is my favorite week of the Today Show. I heart Matt Lauer.

distaff said...

Istanbul! Let's go!

Bets said...

If you go the website, they give an additional photo clue. Today's photo clue was that bridge that Matt stood in front of. I thought it looked like the Golden Gate bridge, only it was black, so I was clueless!