Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fairy Tale Neighborhood

Every other week or so, I've tried to find a faster, easier, simpler route to and from work. Lately, I've been taking a turn on my trek home that has driven me past the greatest neighborhood. As I was zooming by, trying to get home to Miss Minners, I never took the time to really look at the houses.

Last week, I decided to take a tour through the neighborhood. What I found was the greatest collection of old Victorian (?) style homes and some more modern homes, too. What a fun place to live!

Which one is your favorite home?

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Heather rules said...

I would like to live in any of them. They are all really nice.

distaff said...

That neighborhood started up over 30 years ago, and used to be waaaaay out in the country. Even at that time, I couldn't imagine who would want to be building a house that required so much exterior maintenance. They are really pretty to look at, but very expensive to paint.

Steve0 said...

whaaaaat!!!??? WHERE IS THAT! SOOO COOL

Bets said...

SteveO ... way out in the "country" :)
143rd and Pflumm-ish.

Steve said...