Saturday, April 12, 2008

I thought I was done with KU stuff ...

... but a friend just sent this to me, and I thought it was a great re-cap!



On another note, I got an e-mail from Molly last night that had other fun KU scoop! Here's what the note said from an "inside source" at the KU Bookstore:

"Saturday Night Live just called in an order of $250 worth of KU merchandise for their KU skit they are doing! We assume the skit will be this weekend. It is supposed to be a bar scene, so I'm guessing it will be pretty funny! Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!"

The message boards are buzzing about it!

I think this is great. As Jill said last night, "I guess it helps to get some Kansas stuff on SNL with a Kansas boy on there now."

Jason Sudeikis is the cast member who is from Overland Park originally and went to Shawnee Mission West. There was a skit a while back when Jack Black hosted that was set in a bar called, "The Wheel". Jason said it was one of the first skits he wrote when he got hired. In another skit with Lebron James, he made another statement about playing basketball for the SMWest Vikings! Pretty cool.

I know that SNL ends up cutting 3/4 of the skits they practice, so I hope this is true and that it is one of the skits that gets picked for tonight's show!

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chitknit said...

Like you, I've been lazy all day - we're trying to stay awake for SNL.