Monday, April 21, 2008

Picture Post Catch-Up

I've had a few photos for a while that I've meant to post. Tonight's the perfect night since I am too pooped to think of anything clever to write about. I'm sure some of you are thinking that I haven't had anything clever to write about for the last few nights anyway. ;)

This picture was taken last week sometime on my drive home from work. I had to stay late at work for a bit to try and avoid the torrential downpour and I was already grumpy because I had ruined my cute white & gray zebra-striped flats while I was doing car line duty after school in the rain and mud. I know I shouldn't have stopped long enough at this stop sign to take this picture, but I HAD to! Check out the clouds!

Here's the knitting project I've been working on lately. I actually just finished it last night. It is my second dish rag. The first one took me about a year and a half to knit and I can't bear to use it since it was my first one! This one can actually be used (that is if I were to ever clean dishes) and I won't feel bad about it!

Sarah, me and Ashley at a shower Friday night! It's so fun to see these girls since I don't get to very often. I also have a picture of them hiding in my wrap, although when I went to post it today I didn't remember what that was all about and so it seemed not-so-funny anymore!

Saturday was Julie's shower! She got lots of fun stuff for their new house. I think Mike will even get to enjoy many of the prezzies she got! Here she is opening my "Patio" gift. It included serving bowls, a wine/beer tub, a cookbook, and margarita mix! Can't wait for summer!

Julie, Mom and I. J and I were both wearing super tall shoes so Mom looks miniature here! I also am still getting used to seeing my face without my glasses. I think I look completely "bare" here. That will definitely take a while to get over. We lucked out and the sun was coming out to play just as the party was wrapping up!

Good to see everyone this weekend. Off to get to bed so I don't snooze for 30-40 minutes (like I do every morning) and cause myself to be late for our all staff photo in the morning!!

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chitknit said...

Love the photos - and nice job on the dishrag! It looks great - you've just knitted yourself a housewarming present...

distaff said...

Please, no photos posted without prior authorization!

Anonymous said...

~Jules :)

Bets said...

J - Glad you had fun. I'm still talking about how much fun it was! Miss you!