Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Congrats to me!

I've accomplished 2 very important things since I got home at 8:15 tonight!

Here is my dish cloth that I FINALLY finished! The colors are more true to the top photo, but I wanted you to see how cool it looked as I knit. I love the striping that just happened as I knit! Pretty, huh? Now I'm on to another one with totally different colors and WAY bigger needles as this one about gave me a panic attack!

This is the other thing I accomplished! 100 % accuracy and 249 notes out of 249! I played "My Name is Jonas" against Rob and kicked his booty! Actually ... he did very well with 95% of the notes! Then I started my own band. No official band name yet (I'm willing to take suggestions!) and could NOT figure out how to pass the bonus battle round against Tom Morello. I guess I'll need more practice tomorrow.

It's a good thing these two things happened tonight, or I have no clue what I would have blogged about! Today went well at school. Yoga was fun. The weather is still cold. I'm still overwhelmed by grading. Blech, Blech, Blech!

Hope everyone is ready to wind down their weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that the predicted snow actually comes early and that we have a snow day. I'm happy with no snow day tomorrow as long as we don't get 5" while we are school and then have a hard time getting home.

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chitknit said...

Nothing like yarn therapy and GH to make you feel a little better when overwhelmed by least, it works for me.

I'm going to buy that same yarn to knit a dishcloth to order for my aunt. Yours looks great - now go wash some dishes!

Anonymous said...

I think you could consider starting a Guitar Hero Anonymous group this summer to fill all your free time.