Sunday, January 13, 2008

China Moon

Today was a pretty lazy day. Minnie let me sleep in until about 8:30 and then we both went back to sleep after she had her breakfast. I sat around and watched some TV and read magazines and then went to meet Mom and Molly for lunch and running errands.

Minnie was lucky enough to get to hang out with grandpa while the girls went out. One of our first stops was to Blue Koi at Mission Farms (Mission Road & 435 overpass). The original Blue Koi is on 39th Street. We sat down to just have a few things to do some taste testing for a meeting Mom is having there ... but ended up stuffing ourselves full of their great food.

We had 2 kinds of their fried dumplings (which they are known for): chicken and pork, the egg plant pockets, and the China Moon. Molly described the China Moon dish as a Chinese quesadilla and she was right! It was SO good. I could definitely go back for this. The egg plant pockets were crispy and filled with veggies and the China Moon was a crispy flat bread that had a marinated shrimp mixture on the inside. It also had a sweet duck sauce to go with!

I highly recommend any of the things we had, and think you all should make your way down to Mission Farms when it gets nice to eat outside on the patio! Go check it out!

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