Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tortilla teeth

Yes, that's right ... I'm only 1 week into my blog and I've already resorted to writing about my teeth. This writing-every-day thing may be harder than I thought!

My idea for today's title came today when I was at Chipotle. I've been craving it all winter break and today I finally got there. So anyway ... back to my teeth. Have you ever noticed that when you are eating a Chipotle burrito, you have to stop after every bite because you have what feels like an entire tortilla stuck to your teeth? My friend, Ashley, used to always talk about how when you eat too many sweets, you feel like you have fuzzy sweaters on your teeth. Every time she said this, I imagined my teeth with little v-necks and cardigans on. Now I'm imagining my teeth wrapped up like teeny, tiny Chipotle burritos! OH! Bite-size burritos ... GREAT idea!

Are you still reading?

Went up to school to get some grading done that should have happened a few weeks ago. Construction has started on our building for the HUGE project that will be finalized next August (probably about 2 hours before kids show up on the first day). I walked into my hallway to find wires and men on ladders hanging from the ceiling. Right outside my classroom window I found the largest bulldozer I've ever seen and a hole in the ground where there used to be trees, benches and a walking track. I'm pretty sure that my students will spend more time using the bathroom pass to check out the construction outside than they will doing their assignments. That should be fun!

Back to working on the scarf that Jill helped me start knitting. To thank her for helping me with my knitting, I helped her get her fabulous Etsy site set up last night. Check it out! She took great photos with the fun lighting studio that Adam got her for Christmas. I'm totally jealous! My scarf should be really beautiful when it's done. A perfect PINK color that will match my new winter coat. If I can find some good lighting in the house, I'll take a picture and post it.

*** *** *** *** ***
Here are the pics I've just taken.

My pretty scarf and the other yarn I still have to work with. You might notice that the end of the scarf is stitched a different direction. That was the mistake I started with that Jill turned into a cool design on my scarf!

And here are the dogs playing King of the Mountain on Jenny's Mom. If you choose to sit on the couches here, you are taking the risk that small schnoodles will come and sit on your head and climb all over you!

And then this is them looking depressed like nobody paid any attention to them all day. Riiiiiiiight!

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P.S. Check out the WAY COOL logo at the top right. My friend from SMS, Steve Stone, made it and I'm not sure if he intended for me to steal it and put it on my blog ... but that's just what I've done! Isn't it awesome!?

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chitknit said...

Adam and I call the fuzzy sweater teeth "Mossy." As in: "My teeth are feelin' a little mawsay."

We had Jersey Boyz subs brought in for our lunch at school today and I had the exact same teeth-covered sensation, only with white bread.


Steve0 said...

I am glad you used it!

Anonymous said...

Love the logo.