Sunday, January 20, 2008

More Friend Time!

Apparently last night I was having too much fun to take any pictures. It started with dinner at El Patron. Mom and Dad gave Molly, Erik & I gift certificates to the restaurant for Christmas. The KC Star has rated them the best for their fish tacos (which Mitzi ordered) and their margaritas (that both Jill & Mitz enjoyed).

I do have one picture from the start of our evening at The Levee. Mitzi and Adam had the upstairs "patio" room reserved for the belated birthday party. We discovered that a "Reserved" sign on the door doesn't necessarily mean anything to people who need a seat at a crowded bar. We did our best to help people understand they were not part of our party. Can you read our hand-made sign on the window?

There was a great crowd. Amy and her fun beau, TJ, came between a wedding ceremony and the reception. It was a lot of fun to meet him finally. Elizabeth and her fun beau, Nick, came and it was great to meet him, too! Lots of other friends from work and outside showed and it was a great mix of people. The band that played was awesome and we wiggled out way through the crowd to find a teeny, tiny spot to dance the night away!

Thanks to Jill being our wonderful driver, we all got home safe and sound. It sounds like we all enjoyed sleeping in and getting ready to enjoy 2 more days of our weekend!

*** *** *** *** ***

Once I finally got up and moving around this morning, I went to Dean & Deluca for lunch with Julie, Becca & Megan. Even though the 3 of us live in town, we don't get to hang out as much as we'd like. When the Chicago girls or our Columbus girl come in town, it's always a great excuse to see each other. Love you girls! Thanks for the cookies, Bec.

*** *** *** *** ***

And now for "girls" craft night #834. Adam loves to be with his girls. :) Jill, Mitzi (and Minners) were doing some knitting. Adam enjoyed his new craft (from Mitzi) and I'm working on catching up on blogging, and new Valentine's items for Etsy. Next up tonight is my Etsy Deals of the Week blog. Check back with me!

See how hard Minnie is working!? Mitzi is working on her self-striping scarf and Jill is making a fun, new felted bag.

Here's Adam with his new craft. A special award goes to whoever can guess what he's made! The yellow one is easy ... I want you to guess what the red & blue one is! :)

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Anonymous said...

Adam made either:

1. KU asterisk
2. KU Jayhawk, seen through the eyes of a dyslectic.
3. a feeble attempt to knit (with balloons), a sock.

Bets said...

Wrong! Maybe we should start easy with the yellow one! :)