Friday, January 11, 2008

He's looking for a boy space friend!

This one is for all my friends that have moved other places from wonderful KC, or my new friends that have moved to KC from other wonderful places.

I've had SEVERAL friends pick up and move other places across the country for various reasons. They all have loved their new hometowns, new jobs, being with family or significant others ... but they have almost all told me how hard it is to make new friends. We are at that age where we like the friends we already have, but sometimes have to make new ones. It isn't easy. People have set groups of friends and I really think it's especially hard for girls. We are so damn picky that we don't let "just anyone" into our groups! :)

I was lucky enough to meet Adam this year at work and then he introduced us to his lovely wife, Jill! She came out to our Girls Night Out (with work girls) and we immediately loved her! Now I have two new friends (that are nice enough to let me come to their place to play Wii, Guitar Hero, knit, eat, drink, be lazy) and I hope that they are happy with us as their new friends.

Now for Adam's sad story. He's one of 3 men working in our building. Being a man and working in an elementary building is NOT easy. The women are always talking about girlie things and doing girlie things and being girlie girls. This is Adam's first time to live in KC and he is on the prowl for some boy (space) friends. When he finds them ... we've decided that it's a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all of us! Adam gets some boy (space) friends to do manly things with; these new boys get fun Adam (and now Adam's fun friends) to hang out with; and we get fun new boys to hang out with!


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Anonymous said...

Since you appear to be Adam's match-maker ... sounds better than pimp ... what kind of guy (space) friends does he want? Age, education, religion, bar food preferences?


Welcome to town! You do like BBQ don't you!?

Beth said...

When we get back to the area, James is a great boyspacefriend to have. Very affable and smart. :)

I'm jealous b/c I miss C-Pod girl time!