Friday, January 25, 2008

Less Talk More Rokk

Tonight was a lazy, but really fun night at our house. We had a mini pot-luck dinner, guitar lessons, knitting mini-guild, and Guitar Hero party!

Adam & Jill came over. Adam was still sporting his "Bean Team" name-tag ... and he was allowed since he won the Oak Hill chili cook-off contest today! His chili was GREAT and I loved it! Adam told me AFTER I ate 1/2 a bowl that it had basil in it. I loathe basil, but didn't seem to have any troubles with it today. Mitzi came over with Guitar Hero and her real guitar for lessons. Jenny & Rob were here, too ... and the dogs had a family reunion after being apart from each other for over a week.

Here are a few pics of our evening.

Here are the Chittums rocking out on GH face-off. They are both really good at GH but haven't had a chance to play GH2, so that was fun.

Here are Jenny & Rob playing for the first time. They both did REALLY well! The first time I played, I got booed off stage about 13 seconds into the song. They were playing with 95% accuracy by the end of the night.

Here's the real guitar lesson taking place in the other room so we could still rock out in the front room!

The REALLY exciting news of the night is not how little money we all spent hanging out tonight OR how Jill and Mitzi both got a lot done on their scarfs OR how successful Jenny & Rob were at GH the first time ... it was this:

YES! That's my favorite player, Pandora, looking like a bad ass. I was player 1 and I hit 99% of my notes. Actually, it was more than that (see next picture). I had a note streak of 298 notes in a row. I was doing so well the whole song, and then when I missed one note, I literally gasped out-loud. I thought for sure I could get a perfect song! But ... I did do better than last time.

Here are my stats. This is why I said that I did better than 99%. I only missed ONE out of 326 notes in the song! Woo Hoo!

Had to quickly get my blog in before today was over. Off to continue working on my dish cloth that I'm knitting and hit the sack. It's been a long day!

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