Monday, January 21, 2008

We're trying to do our part

Jenny & I have decided to start recycling at the house. They have never paid for a recycling pick up with the trash because it wasn't offered in her neighborhood, but we just got notice that they are ... for a fee. I know that many people that can have recycling picked up with their trash, don't, because of the extra cost.

So we have decided to do it the old-fashioned way. We have bags out in the garage for cans, plastic, and I've started collecting my paper and magazines to take to school. We have one of the dumpsters for paper recycling that earns money for our school. [Feel free to drop your newspapers and magazines off there, too! If you know me well enough, then you can figure out the address. Don't want to post it for obvious reasons.]

BUT ... I can't seem to find a simple recycling center out here in Olathe. When I did the search, lots turned up, but they are all for toxic waste or furniture or printer cartridges. I just want the simple place that has LARGE bins for your glass, paper, cans and plastic. I know there is one in old Overland Park (78th and Metcalf). Do I need to drive all the way there? Does anyone know of other centers out south?

THIS is why it is so difficult to do our part. If you make it difficult to be green, then people will have a hard time making changes that will help our Earth. One of those recycling centers should be set up in every city and they should be easy to find. I'm sure they cost money to run, but does that really matter if we are helping our neighborhoods and environment?

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Anonymous said...

The recycling center in OP moved recently -- closer to you -- it's on 119th behind the fire station across from Stoll Park. You just need to plan your trips to and from school accordingly. You can thank me later ... MOm