Saturday, January 5, 2008

My newest pet peeve

Ladies ... I bet you all know what I'm talking about in this one.

All public restaurants and retail stores ... take note: Each woman's stall in your public bathroom should have a hook for me to hang my coat and/or purse!

I'm so tired of attempting to hang my suitcase of a purse around the corner of the door to my stall, setting it very carefully on the back of the toilet or holding it whilst going to the bathroom. Sometimes I have to do this, because I will NEVER put my purse on the nasty floor of a bathroom. My purses go everywhere with me. Not only do I love them for collection purposes, but I refuse to deposit bathroom germs every place I go (car, kitchen, bedroom, closet, classroom, etc)!

I've taken note of now 2 places that did NOT have a hook for my purse. Tonight at Pizza Shoppe I had no hook, and a few weeks ago at a Panera there was no hook install the stall ... but don't worry ... there WAS one in the main part of the bathroom for all the other customers to have time to sort through my purse while I was locked inside my stall!

Just thought I'd share. I'm sure I'm not the only one annoyed by this!

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chitknit said...

Trust me, you're not. You've definitely touched a nerve.

ONE of my bathroom pet peeves: Paper towel dispensers that hang higher than I am tall. I don't like putting my arm up, letting all the water run down to my elbow, to get a paper towel.

Anonymous said...

You're so clever ... why don't you invent a universal hook that a woman could carry with her? Perhaps you could get a national company to pay for it, put their logo on it and give away as a premium.

A cute name might be "Hang Ups".

I know you can do better.

lnagore said...

I just received a purse hanger from a place called joey junior for my birthday and it is great - you unfold it and it goes on the table/over the stall door/wherever and holds your bag off the floor and then it wraps up in a little circle and goes in a pouch when you're done. You should check them out I could not live without it.