Friday, January 18, 2008

Good Friends

Today was the perfect day to remind me of just how lucky I am.

It started with me walking into school late and I walked in with my friend Chelsey. She is our school counselor and she has been a HUGE help to me in the last week or so with a few very special students.

Then at my plan time, I got to spend some time with my friend, Michelle. She was nice enough to do a little shopping from my Etsy items. We don't often make time to visit with other staff members during the school day, so it was nice to catch up with her. Earlier in the week, Michelle brought her little sweetie to visit me after school one day. Miss A is so precious and she's really becoming a little girl now. I loved seeing her debate with Mom over the cookie she wanted for a snack! :)

After that, I was reminded just how great our FABULOUS secretaries are at school. They aren't just women who answer phones and do paperwork for us. They really run the school and do it each day with a smile. Both Cindy and Joan helped me today with giving a student a new backpack to replace his that has been broken all year AND Joan ran home to find some unused gloves at her house to replace his sock-gloves he's been wearing to recess. Thanks ladies!

I don't know what I'd do without my teammates. They make me laugh and help me to get through each day. Brenda has been there for me this week and went above and beyond to help a student in my class this week. She reminded me today that even though we have a few students in our classrooms that have difficult lives and therefore are difficult in the classroom ... we are VERY lucky that we can actually make a difference with those few students and we aren't overwhelmed with a whole classroom of students like that. Brenda is THE person to go to if you want to be able to put things in perspective ... she's GREAT at it!

Now for Mitzi. I was SO overwhelmed with my messy desk. I didn't even know where to start to get organized. The last week I haven't been able to do anything productive for myself at school because I couldn't get my act together. Mitzi came in my room at indoor recess and saw how flustered I was. She knew I needed help and just started cleaning, filing and throwing away. By the end of the day I could actually see parts of the top of my desk. Woo Hoo!

At the end of the day, I had a chance to catch up with my other friend, Michele, at work. Michele was my mentor my first year at school. We spend countless hours together during the week and she was helpful to help me survive my first year. We talked and caught up for about an hour and it was really nice. Sometimes you just need someone to listen.

As we all got ready to go home for the 3-day weekend, a few of us realized that we had nothing to do on this snowy, cold night. Brenny was off to be a ski bunny and hit the slopes in Colorado ... lucky duck. Mitzi was off to run errands, but then didn't have anything to do. The Chittums weren't sure if they had plans and Amy said she was free since her beau had movie plans with friends.

I didn't have plans either, so I suggested that people come over for a game night. I ran to Mom & Dad's at the end of my long day to get my bag of games. I treated myself to FRIENDS Scene-It last year and hadn't played it yet. So, people came over when they could and we laughed and enjoyed all the FRIENDS clips!

Minnie made a new friend, too! I've never seen her so well behaved and quiet around a group of people! I'm pretty sure she would have gone home with Adam if she could have.

On Sunday I will get to hang out with my other bestests! Julie is in town to get some wedding planning done, so Becca, Megan and I are meeting her for lunch at Dean & Deluca. Woo Hoo! More fun catch-up time with friends.

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MP said...

Loved reading your blog today, and was especially excited to see the "Rantha School of Enlightenment" advertised. One can never attend too many schools of enlightenment.