Sunday, January 6, 2008

We are the best schnoodle Moms, EVER!

Jenny and Rob got back in town today from Portland. As soon as they got back, we wanted to take both Minnie and Peanut to the Heritage dog park. Peanut hasn't had a chance to use his Chuck IT (tennis ball thrower) that he got for Christmas yet and he was super excited as soon as he saw Jenny get it out from under the tree.

When we get close to the dog park (which is basically the entire ride since we live so close) the dogs start with this high-pitched yelping and whining. They don't do this very often ... thank goodness it's only when we are close to the dog park.

Since it was so beautiful here today, everyone in southern Johnson County had the same idea that we did. The dog park was packed and there were lots of other dog friends to play with! Half of the dog park was super muddy due to all the ice and snow we've had, so we were sure to carefully walk past all the mud so we didn't have brown schnoodles on the way home!

So not only did we go this morning ... after the dogs had a chance to nap and recharge, we went back at 5:00 tonight to meet Brenda, Mike and their lab Gunner. Peanut and Minnie have played with Gunner twice before. Once when Gunner was only 8 weeks old and then another time last April at the dogs' 1st birthday party! I think they all remembered each other and they had lots of fun. Peanut loved his Chuck It and loved chasing Gunner around, even though Gunner is still healing from his leg surgery. When the sun finally went down, we packed up both dogs and took them home for baths!

Both dogs are now pooped and have been sleeping since we got back. Minnie fell asleep sitting up while we were eating dinner. I'm shocked she could even stay awake long enough for to eat her own dinner!

I don't have a picture from the dog park, bath time OR them sleeping right now ... but I do have a pic from last night. Peanut came upstairs with us for a slumber party. This is how the two of them sleep when we let them be together at night.

Minnie originally moved into Nuts' bed and I found them when she had kicked him 1/2 way out! I repositioned them so they could both comfortably sleep in his bed! Notice that he didn't even wake up to me taking pictures. She looks pissed I woke her up! :)

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