Thursday, January 17, 2008

Reason #9 Why a teacher's job is different from everyone else's job

I'm enjoying a snow day and you probably aren't!

My lovely roomie texted me this morning from downstairs just before my alarm was supposed to go off to say: "Tv says snow day". Then I turned on my TV and watched as 400 other closings scrolled on the bottom of my TV to first see Olathe then Shawnee Mission (which means BV was for sure closed), but had to wait to actually see Blue Valley School District! Then, just to make sure I called the BV Helpline (which had not been updated since before Winter Break) and finally my work voice-mail.


I had to text my teammates to share the good news, text Julie to brag that I was still in bed and she was probably watching kids walk in her classroom, and then finally go back to bed. Woke up at 9:45 and feel much better!

I looked out my window and thought this was another mistake snow day (like the last not-so-snow day), but when I went to take Miss Minners out, I knew that the powers that be made the right choice! It is bitterly cold out.

This picture isn't from today's snow, but I love this pic. If we are going to have a snow day, I almost wish there was a lot so the kids could at least enjoy it with some good old fort making and snow ball fights!

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Anonymous said...

I know where that picture was taken! Mom

Sylvia C. said...

Hey There!

I enjoyed my snow day, too!

I didn't know you blogged, too!
How fun!

Have a good day back tomorrow!

Sylvia C.