Saturday, January 5, 2008

Etsy Deals of the Week!

Alrighty ... it's a new week, so it's time to tell you about more of my fun Etsy items. Remember: you can read more about these items and many of the others I have posted on my Etsy page at !

I had a new magnet idea that I adapted from magents that Jenny has made in the past. Mom and Molly both got a set of these for Christmas and then I thought that others might want to buy them as well. These refrigerator clip magnets help to make the "stuff" that is on your fridge look like more than just "stuff". They can help you to get organized in the new year. I like this set ... they are perfect for a little Valentine's Day gift for someone you love!

This set of 3 magnets is for sale on my Etsy page for $3.50! UPDATE: This item sold today! Go look for others that are similar on!

I've also made a new batch of Minnie's Fleecy Dog Toys! Some of these are different sizes and bright, fun colors. One of my favorites is a bigger and thicker toy for an older or bigger dog.

This yellow, blue and multi-colored fleecy toy is for sale on my site for $3.99!

I have a number of matching earring AND ring sets that I've made and put for sale. The earrings are made on either gold or silver pins and hooks and the rings are made on a sturdy elastic string that allows them to fit on almost anyone's finger. I have some of these elastic rings that I wear frequently. Even if they are tight at first, they stretch with wear, but still stay tight enough to stay on your finger. This is one of my favorite sets. I love the bright colors of the beads. I call this Rainbow Sherbet.

This earring AND ring set is for sale on my site for just $10.00!

Since I was talking about a great gift for Valentine's Day before ... here's another! This heart-shaped wire key chain was made by twisting a thin gauge of soldering wire until it started to look like this "braided" wire!

This fun key chain is also for sale on my site for just $3.50!

As always ... let me know if you see something you like, but would like a different color or number of items and I'll see what I can do! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

More great things! Thanks.

To receive by Valentine's Day, how soon do you need an order?

Bets said...

I can send via USPS to make shipping cheap ... and the mail to most places would take no more than a week!