Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Juno what?"


"You should definitely go see Juno!"

I went to go see Juno this afternoon with Jill, Adam and Adam's brother, Josh. It was a fantastic movie ... so great I told Molly I'd go see it again with her if Erik didn't want to go. The theater wasn't all that full since we went to the $5 weekday afternoon time (yeah for not paying and arm & a leg to see a movie), but the obnoxious group of 5 loud boys DID choose to sit right behind us. They talked the entire time and laughed too hard at things that really weren't supposed to be funny. There were so many great one-liners in this movie ... it shows how well written it was!

Ellen Page was fantastic and the duo of Jason Bateman and Michael Cera on screen again (for all you Arrested Development fans) was nice! We never see them together, but just the idea of them both acting together again is enough for me. I am, however, wondering if Jennifer Garner can play a different character for once. They all are seeming to run together.

Oh yeah ... for all you Office fans, Rainn Wilson is in this movie, too. Even though his part is only about 5 minutes ... it's hilarious!

Okay. Off to bed. I've got a snoring dog next to me and a messy room to clean up before I get back to school.

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Beth said...

I have such a crush on Jason Bateman! You're right -- seeing him & Michael C. sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Teacher: What is the capital of Alaska?
Student: Juneau?
Teacher: I don't know. That's why I asked you.