Monday, January 28, 2008

Congratulations are in order!

For my new friends, Jill & Amy!

Amy came into my classroom this morning (she's my more fabulous than fabulous para) and asked how my weekend was. After she listened to me go on and on about my hectic weekend, I asked her about her's and she flashed the MOST beautiful engagement ring! TJ proposed this past weekend and I could not be more excited for her! She's already started with the planning and seems to be both overwhelmed and in aw
e at the same time! CONGRATS!

Today Jill and I were e-mailing about ways to help our Etsy businesses. I wrote the following to her:
I keep waiting for you to make a sale … I know it's going to happen soon! I LOVE the new tech "caddie". Super cute for V-Day! I must be psychic, because tonight I got a call from Jill and she had made her first Etsy sale ... and it was the tech cozy I was talking about! YEAH for Jill! All it takes is 1 sale and then you can go from there!

Speaking of ... and this is probably a long shot ... but if anyone out there makes crafts or has their own business of some kind that needs some promotion, we have an offer for you.
Jill and I have made business cards to "swap" with other Etsy sellers. So far we
only have a few bites, but that should help. The way it works is for a few people to exchange business cards. Then each time one of us makes a sale, we put all the different cards in with the shipment of the purchase. It is just an easy way to get your name out. If you are interested in swapping cards, let us know!

Okay. I know this post was sort of short, but it was a long day, and I didn't have too much to write about. Have a great week!

UPDATE!! I've been asked to include a pic of Amy's ring. It is TJ's great-grandmothers and even more beautiful in person! Check it out!

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Anonymous said...

So why didn't you take a picture of Amy's ring and show everyone how thrilled she is to be engaged? I think that's in order ....

Anonymous said...

Wow! that IS beautiful. She's a lucky girl.