Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Little Miss Shy Toes

That was my self-given nickname at yoga tonight. My toes were NOT at all ready to be out in public, and are in desperate need of a pedi before next week's class! They tried to roll up in my yoga mat, but that didn't last long.

Tonight was the first class yoga for this semester at school. My good friend, Amy, teaches the class and last semester there were anywhere from 8 of us to maybe 14 or so. Tonight there were 24(!) people all sprawled out on yoga mats in the gym. We barely fit in. Yeah for Amy! It should be a fun group. Lots of people from other schools in the district and now Mitzi, Adam and Jill have joined the "regulars", so that should be fun. I've never liked yoga until this year and even though some weeks are harder on my body than others, I always appreciate the time to calm down and center myself after a long day at school. I love how Amy tells us to appreciate this gift we have given ourselves: time to come in and relax and take care of only what our bodies are doing for that hour. The wind-down slow breathing at the beginning of class is worth the money alone!

Thanks, Amy!

This is what I felt like after class tonight. This picture I took matched my attitude completely, so I thought I'd share!

This picture doesn't do the sunset justice, but it is still beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you're enjoying the relaxation aspect of yoga. When I was taking my Tai Chi classes, we spent almost 30 minutes winding down and deep breathing before we started moving. One night I almost fell asleep sitting upright in a rickety folding chair! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...